Top pregnancy tips to beat the heat this summer – Dr Alison Munt

It is important for pregnant women to take extra care during the hot summer months.

Summer in Australia can be hard, even for the most well adapted ‘I don’t feel the heat Aussies’!

My first tip might seem obvious, but it can also be the most crucial – drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. This can help reduce swelling that can be exacerbated in the hot weather and is a key to preventing heat stress.

Slip, slop, slap when in the sunshine! While pregnant the increase in hormone levels can cause skin to become more sensitive to sun exposure. So be a bit more careful when outdoors.

Dunk the bump – swimming is fantastic when pregnant as the buoyancy of the water can really help relieve any aches and pains, as well as help keep you cool and relaxed! Swimming can also be a gentle exercise option for those wanting to maintain fitness but are struggling with the higher temperatures of summer. Hydrotherapy can be a great summer activity, but always check with your Obstetrician first that this is suitable for you.

Finally, stay cool, put your feet up and relax – swelling of feet and hands is not uncommon in pregnancy and can worsen in the warmer months. Sipping water, keeping cool and putting your feet up can help relieve any swelling – why not throw in a nice foot massage from your partner as well – doctor’s orders! Please do mention any swelling you’re experiencing to your obstetrician as although not uncommon, we like to err on the side of caution and rule out any other possible causes.

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