Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to capture the beautiful c-section delivery of baby Matilda!



No words can really describe the amazing moment Matilda entered the world. It was an incredibly beautiful, special and very ‘real’ birth experience.

c-section delivery

A c-section is a surgical procedure where a cut is made in a woman’s tummy and womb, usually just below the bikini line.

Some women elect to deliver via c-section, others are required to deliver via c-section for medical reasons and some are done as an emergency procedure if necessary for the well being of Mum and Baby.

Caesarean Delivery is performed with the mother awake under a spinal anaesthetic, although in rare cases a general anaesthetic is used.  The operation usually lasts for 45 minutes, with the baby being delivered in the first 10 to 15 minutes.  You may feel a tugging sensation during the operation, but should feel no pain.



Mother’s will be fully informed by the medical team throughout the procedure. Your birth partner is able to see at little or much of the delivery as they’d like and will be seated by you to ensure your baby’s birth can be shared together.

You will be able to witness the birth and share in those first precious moments. A paediatrician will attend your c-section delivery to perform some routine checks after your baby has been delivered.