Fertility and you

Deciding to have a baby is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. Conception happens easily for some people, while others may need a little help.

If you are struggling to become pregnant, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Even healthy fertile couples can take up to six months to conceive. And approximately one in six couples experience some degree of challenge in getting pregnant.

Come and see one of our fertility specialists

Our fertility specialists are here to support you in your decision to have a baby and to maximise your probability of success.

Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility’s pre-conception consultations involve:

  • A scan to check the ovaries and other reproductive organs.
  • A blood test to check general health and immunisation status.
  • Ensuring your pap smear is up to date.
  • A discussion about vitamins and minerals for pregnancy.
  • Some tips regarding cycle tracking—timing can be everything when trying to conceive.
  • Discussing your fertility test options.

To book an appointment with one of our fertility specialists, please ask for a referral from your GP and then call Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility on 08 8272 7755.