Ovulation Indication


Clomiphene is a medically-prescribed pharmaceutical that is used to ‘prompt’ your body to ovulate by selectively inhibiting or stimulating oestrogen production.


Your fertility specialist may recommend a clomiphene-induced ovulation cycle to improve your chances of getting pregnant through intercourse or as part of an obstetrics-managed fertility cycle.


If it’s agreed that a clomiphene induction is right for you, your specialist will issue you with a script for clomiphene and a cycle plan.


On day one of your period we ask you to call our fertility nurses who will advise you when to take the tablets, as well as book you an appointment to have an ultrasound.


This is usually on day 12 – 14 of your cycle and is done at Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility by a sonographer.


Once we have identified a follicle on your ovary that is big enough to contain a mature egg, you will be advised when to have intercourse to optimise the chance of pregnancy.


Your fertility specialist may also order an injection to ‘trigger’ ovulation.


The luteal phase, or post-ovulation part of your cycle, will be monitored by doing a blood test seven days after ovulation.


Medication may also be given to support this phase of your cycle.


When your period is due, you should perform a urine pregnancy test and contact the Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility fertility nurses with the results.


If the test is positive, we will arrange for a blood test to confirm you are pregnant. If the test is negative or your period starts, we will talk with you about your next step.


To book a clomiphene fertility consultation with one of our fertility specialists, please ask for a referral from your GP and then call Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility on 08 8272 7755.