Laparoscopy - keyhole surgery

Laparoscopy (also known as ‘minimal access surgery’, ‘keyhole surgery’, or ‘endoscopy’) is a minimally invasive procedure that allows surgeons to look at your abdominal and pelvic organs through a small thin camera which is usually inserted through the belly button.


In many cases, laparoscopy can replace the need for open surgery (or ‘laparotomy’), which involves a large cut in your abdomen.


With your permission, we photograph and occasionally film the procedure for reference


We can use laparoscopy to investigate the cause of your symptoms – for example, pelvic pain, period problems or fertility issues.


During the procedure, we will inspect the outside of the uterus and check for adenomyosis.  We will also look at the tubes, ovaries and surrounding organs such as the bladder, ureter and intestine for abnormalities and signs of disease.


We can treat some conditions during laparoscopy. This may require extra small cuts on your tummy. There is usually a cut in your belly button and two or three small cuts lower in your belly to allow for this operation to happen.

We can use laparoscopy to treat the following:

  • Certain types of fibroids.
  • Check fallopian tubes.
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Endometriosis.
  • Ovarian cysts.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Scar tissue (which can be associated with pain or fertility).
  • Tie your tubes.


Before surgery, we will discuss the pros and cons of having this surgery performed in the first place. Depending on your situation, we may recommend you have a bowel preparation before surgery.


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