24 Hour Care


When you’re having a baby, it’s reassuring to know that you can always get hold of one of our obstetricians.


Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility is set up so that we can provide the best obstetrics care, every hour of the day, every day of the week.


One of our obstetricians is always on call, with a second obstetrician as a backup. If you have any concerns during your pregnancy, please call us—either at the practice on 08 8272 7755 during normal working hours, or at the Ashford Hospital Delivery Suite after hours on 08 8375 5237.

It's a Team Effort

Pregnancy care is very much a partnership. When you visit Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility, we encourage you to bring your partner, members of your family, or a support person.


We also encourage you to meet all of our obstetricians in our practice. While we do our best to be there for your delivery, it can be the case that you go into labour at a time other than your due date, or at a time when your preferred obstetrician is not available. If this is the case, we’d like you to be comfortable with having met all of us.

How Many Visits?

When you book your pregnancy care with Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility, you will see us between 10 and 15 times.


You will typically visit us monthly until 30 weeks, and then visit us fortnightly until 36 weeks. From 36 weeks until birth (usually at about 40 weeks) you will visit us weekly.


If there are any complications with your pregnancy, we will see you as often as necessary.

Flexible Clinic Times

We have clinics Monday to Friday and can usually change appointment times for you at short notice if you are unable to leave work, or have problems with childcare.

Children are welcome!

Children are always welcome and we have a play area with lots of toys to keep young toddlers happy.


To book an appointment with an Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility specialist, ask your GP for a referral—and then call us on 08 8272 7755.