Initial Appointment

Book your initial appointment between seven and ten weeks

Please come to your first appointment at Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility with your referral from your GP, as well as any other medical information you are asked to bring.


Your partner is welcome to attend all visits, including the first one. If your partner is unable to attend, a close family member is also welcome.


Don’t forget; if you have other children, you can bring them too!

What to expect

First, we will ask you about your medical, surgical and obstetric history. This will help identify any issues that may affect your health or the health of your baby.


We will then perform a general examination, as well as an internal ultrasound scan. The ultrasound scan will confirm the health of the pregnancy and your estimated due date.


Having an early scan helps us to plan appointments for the rest of your pregnancy, as well as any precautionary screening tests.


We will also organise the following standard tests (in alphabetical order):


  • Blood group and antibodies.
  • Complete blood picture (to check for anaemia).
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
  • HIV.
  • Iron levels.
  • Mid-stream urine test for infection.
  • Rubella immunity (German measles).
  • Syphilis.
  • Vitamin D levels.


Most of these tests can be done in our rooms with a simple blood test or urine test—or you can visit a test service provider of your choice when it’s convenient for you.


Other tests and scans may be suggested as the result of our consultation or based on the results of some of the above tests.


Finally, we will organise your follow-up visits (usually four to eight weeks in advance).


To book an appointment with an Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility specialist, ask your GP for a referral—and then call us on 08 8272 7755.