What to bring to hospital

Having a baby is an exciting time. The more you plan, the more you and your partner will enjoy your birth and those first precious hours and days with your baby. The following list should help you prepare for this life-changing experience.


For you:


  • Any medication you regularly require
  • Breast pads
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Health fund and Medicare cards
  • Maternity pads
  • Sleep wear
  • Toiletries


For baby:


  • A cotton wrap and blanket
  • A going home outfit
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby capsule for the ride home
  • Nappies (approximately 100)


For your partner (if staying overnight):


  • Money for the carpark and meals
  • Sleepwear
  • Electronic entertainment equipment including laptops, mobiles and tablets are permitted—make sure you bring any chargers that are specific to your equipment.


Make sure you have arranged a suitable car seat to take your baby home in. Basinet seats that meet Australian standards can be hired or purchased from baby goods stores and other organisations, where they can also be fitted to your vehicle.

Your birth preferences

Labour always seems to go better if you’re confident, optimistic and well supported. Our role is to help you get into the right space and make your birth a safe and rewarding one.


Many pregnancy books and websites suggest making a written birth plan that you can bring when you come into hospital for the birth of your baby.


We acknowledge the utility of written birth plans, especially for women who may not know who will be involved in their delivery. However, at Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility, we are fortunate to be able to get to know you and your preferences for the birth over the course of your antenatal care. We gain a much deeper understanding of your hopes and desires than could be conveyed in a written plan.


During your pregnancy we will discuss what your expectations are regarding the birth of your baby. Your safety and care and your baby’s safe arrival into the world are always our priority.


While we will do our best to try and achieve the experience you prefer—be it a planned caesarean section or a planned vaginal delivery—if something unexpected happens, our professional role is to help you make an informed decision based on our best medically trained interpretation.


If you have any questions about what to bring to hospital, or about what to include in your birthing plan, please call Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility on 08 8272 7755.