Paediatricians are doctors who specialise in looking after your baby post-delivery.


A number of wonderful paediatricians work with your Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility obstetricians at Ashford Hospital, including Dr Sanjay Sinhal, Dr Chris Lamb, Dr Bron Hennebry, Dr Merike Perem or Dr Ray Farley. Please ask our receptionists for more information about Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility-affiliated paediatricians.


Depending on the situation, we may ask for one of them to attend your delivery—or they will catch up with you shortly after birth for a thorough check of your baby.

What if i deliver a few weeks early?

If your baby is born early and needs that little bit of extra care and attention, then you’ll be delivering in the right place.


Ashford Hospital is the only private hospital in South Australia that can care for babies delivered as early as 32 weeks gestation. Ashford Hospital’s accredited paediatricians, neonatologists and dedicated nursery and ICU staff will look after you and your baby and keep you directly informed of your baby’s health and progress.


If your baby is delivering earlier than 32 weeks, or we feel your baby is otherwise at risk and needs to be born at a hospital with a higher level of neonatal nursery care, we will openly discuss your options with you and safely manage the best outcome for you and your baby.


If you have any concerns about the health of your baby or your delivery, please call Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility (between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday) on08 8272 7755 or (outside of our office hours) Ashford Hospital Delivery Suite on08 8375 5237.