Preparing for Pregnancy

Prepare for a healthy pregnancy by eating healthily, exercising regularly, taking the medically recommended vitamin and mineral supplements and maintaining your immunisation levels. Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility can provide you with all the latest medical advice.


The healthier you are, the better your chances of having a healthy baby. Following a good diet, taking regular exercise, and having a smoke-free lifestyle are three easy ways that you can contribute to the health of your baby. We can discuss your health options and help you reach your pregnancy health goals.


Certain vitamin and mineral supplements are medically beneficial to you when you are trying for a baby, while others are important during the early stages of pregnancy. We’re across the latest recommendations.


Immunising against infectious diseases prevents serious harm to you and your unborn baby. If you’re not sure what you’re immunised against, our expert advice is in line with the latest medical research.


There are a number of infections you should be aware of during pregnancy. While most carry no particular risk, there are a few that have more serious implications. Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility screens for the presence of these infections prior to and during your pregnancy and advises on treatment.