Relax and learn to control anxiety with hypnotherapy

In partnership with Dr Celia Whittle (MBBS Dip. Obs Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy), Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility offers hypnotherapy sessions that are designed to help reduce many of the anxieties that can develop around pregnancy and giving birth.

Dr Whittle is a general practitioner with a special interest in counselling and hypnosis, especially in pregnancy and women’s health. She has been involved in childbirth hypnosis research at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and has been on the teaching faculty for the South Australian School of Hypnosis.

For many decades, women have been learning to use a natural state of hypnosis to help with their pregnancy and birthing. No matter whether it is your first or fifth baby, or a natural or assisted delivery, there is evidence from all over the world that hypnotherapy can reduce your anxiety and help you feel a greater sense of control and satisfaction with your birth experience.

What to expect in your hypnobirthing sessions

You will generally only need three or four appointments, each one hour long. It is recommended to start these in the second trimester, with the last two appointments closer to your due date.

The first session is a get-to-know-you session, so hypnosis can be individualised to your needs. There may be time to do a short hypnosis session.

The second hypnosis session focuses on calmness, relaxation, and managing cares and worries, and has lots of positive suggestions around pregnancy and birth. Many women say they feel a boost in confidence after this session.

The last two sessions can be in either order depending on your preference. Some women prefer to do a hypnotic labour rehearsal first, which really clarifies how you use hypnosis during your birthing. Others are curious to experience a relaxing hypnotic analgesia session first.

Other situations in which hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can help you to focus on being calm and relaxed, and offers positive suggestions around any medical treatments you may be feeling anxious about.

Hypnosis can be surprisingly helpful for specific issues such as hyperemesis, needle phobia, threatened premature labour, induction of labour, anxiety around previous pregnancy or birth experiences, or in preparation for a planned caesarean.

To book a hypnosis appointment with Dr Celia Whittle at Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility, please call 08 8272 7755.