Supplements in Pregnancy

Taking a daily pregnancy supplement is such an easy way to give you and your growing baby the best start on your pregnancy journey.   Having a healthy balanced diet is certainly very helpful in ensuring your body is getting lots of great vitamins and minerals. However there are a few supplements we suggest all […]

Travelling during pregnancy

Is it okay for me to travel while I’m pregnant?   Let’s talk all things air travel, domestic travel and international travel during pregnancy.   Whether it be domestic or international, flying while pregnant can be a source of anxiety for pregnant women. Each airline will have their own policy on flying while pregnant. Be […]

Healthy Eating during pregnancy

There is a lot of fear among women who are pregnant around eating foods that aren’t safe. It is true that some foods are considered more ‘high risk’ of being contaminated with bacteria. This bacteria, commonly listeria and salmonella, can be harmful during pregnancy.   Some foods to avoid include: soft cheese, deli meats, bean sprouts, […]

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

NON-INVASIVE PRENATAL TESTING There are a number of different providers offering NIPS in South Australia, this testing is often referred to as the Harmony Test, Generation Test or Nest test.   Non-invasive prenatal Testing or NIPT refers to a blood screening test for pregnant women that can be used as early as 10 weeks of […]

Giving birth by caesarean section

EARLIER THIS YEAR, WE WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO CAPTURE THE BEAUTIFUL C-SECTION DELIVERY OF BABY MATILDA!   A c-section is a surgical procedure where a cut is made in a woman’s tummy and womb, usually just below the bikini line.   Some women elect to deliver via c-section, others are required to deliver via c-section […]

Toddler Troubles

Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility is proud to introduce Heather an experienced teacher and private nanny who will be offering advice and strategies for parents.   My name is Heather Gunn. After completing my teaching degree (BTeach (Early Childhood Education)) in New Zealand, I have had 8 years of teaching experience and three years’ experience as […]

Piercings during pregnancy

PIERCINGS DURING PREGNANCY – DR ALISON MUNT Sometimes pregnancy can feel like a period of sacrifice to protect the best interests of your growing baby. It can feel like you’re giving up a few things you enjoy, like soft cheeses, alcohol or smoking. Do you have to give up that piercing that you’ve been wanting […]

The Best Moves for your Bump!

SHARON PARKER – PHYSIOTHERAPIST – EXERCISE DURING PREGNANCY It’s well known that an active lifestyle has many health benefits and keeping active during pregnancy is no exception. Some of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy include improved muscle strength and endurance, fitness and sleep patterns, reduction in fatigue, back and pelvic discomfort. While exercising regularly doesn’t […]

Food Cravings and Pregnancy

WHY DO WOMEN EXPERIENCE CRAVINGS DURING PREGNANCY? – DR ALISON MUNT Approximately 80% of women experience some food cravings while pregnant, so you’re not alone! Often patients tell me they feel like sweet or salty food, but sometimes cravings can be extremely specific, like the icing of a sprinkled donut with a side of marshmallows. […]

Sex During Pregnancy

SEX DURING PREGNANCY – DR SIMONA FISCHER Sex before pregnancy, strongly encouraged! Sex during pregnancy? Well you might have to sometime during the 9 months! If your pregnancy is proceeding normally, there’s no reason you can’t have sex as often as you like but use plenty of lubrication.   However, with the fatigue, nausea and hormonal […]