The Best Moves for your Bump!


It’s well known that an active lifestyle has many health benefits and keeping active during pregnancy is no exception. Some of the benefits of exercise during pregnancy include improved muscle strength and endurance, fitness and sleep patterns, reduction in fatigue, back and pelvic discomfort. While exercising regularly doesn’t guarantee an easy labour and delivery, your level of fitness prenatally will influence your postnatal recovery.


Some Basic Rules:


1. Listen to your body and don’t overdo it. Check with your obstetrician or a women’s health physiotherapist when starting a new exercise program or continuing with a current one.


2. 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days is ideal. You can combine shorts sessions of 10-15 minutes of activity if time is an issue. Moderate intensity means you should be able to hold a conversation whilst exercising


3. Be aware of the effects of pregnancy hormones which soften ligaments in your body. This increases your risk of injury. Take care when stretching and cease high impact activity after the 1st trimester. These hormones stay around in your body for a few months postnatally so continue with low impact activities for the first 3 months after delivery.


4. Nothing should hurt during or after exercise!


Safe exercises: Walking, swimming (avoid breast stroke), pregnancy exercise classes, light weight training,


Avoid: excessive twisting or sudden changes in direction, heavy weights, high impact activities, exercises that involve standing on one leg for a period time.

Our bodies are designed to move and a sensible approach to exercise is beneficial for mums and babies.


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