Beauty During Pregnancy


If you’re one of our pregnant patients who enjoys a trip to the hairdresser or beauty salon then read on.


Just because you’re pregnant, doesn’t mean you can’t keep looking your best!


My Obstetrics patients always ask about beauty options during pregnancy, so I have decided to write a little blog to share my answers with you.


Is it safe to colour my hair while pregnant?


Yes, great idea! Please do! There’s no issue with having a trip to the hairdresser to keep those roots in check during your nine months of pregnancy.


Spray tan?


Yes sure, but wear a mask – I would recommend that to everyone not just pregnant women!


Laser hair removal when pregnant?


There’s simply not enough research around this and most Laser Clinics won’t treat pregnant women. Best to save it until after you’ve had your baby.


Can I still get waxing?


Yes, very good idea! No issues at all with this while pregnant – wax away!


Can I still have Botox or cosmetic injections while pregnant?


This is a no, not while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Can I wear high heels?


Certainly, you’re pregnant not fashionably challenged. As long as you’re comfortable and won’t trip over – there’s no reason you can’t slip on a pair of your favourite heels!


If you have any other questions about beauty treatments during pregnancy, please ask your Obstetrician during your next visit, or call Adelaide Obstetrics & Fertility on 08 8272 7755.