Giving Birth By Cesarean Section

What an absolute honour it was for us to capture Baby Matilda’s birth by caesarean section.  Performed by Dr Simona Fischer and her team from Adelaide Obstetrics and Fertility, Matilda’s arrival sends a clear message to anyone fortunate enough to view the footage – a caesarean section (c-section) can be an incredibly beautiful, special and very ‘real’ birth experience.

A c-section is a surgical procedure where a cut is made in a woman’s tummy and womb, usually just below the bikini line.  A c-section can be recommended as a planned (elective) procedure or done in an emergency if it’s thought that a vaginal birth is too risky.

It is generally performed with the mother awake under a spinal anaesthetic, although in rare cases a general anaesthetic is used.  The operation usually lasts for 45 minutes, with the baby being delivered in the first 10 to 15 minutes.  You may feel a tugging sensation during the operation, but no pain.

You and your birth partner can watch the procedure or you can choose to have a screen placed up, but you will be fully informed by the medical team throughout the procedure.  You will be able to witness the birth and share in those first precious moments.

A c-section may be carried out for a number of reasons: the baby is in a breech position and cannot be turned, the mother has a serious medical issue, the baby is at risk and needs to be delivered as soon as possible or if the labour is not progressing as it should.

Some women choose to have a c-section for non-medical reasons.  Your doctor or midwife will explain the overall benefits and risks of a c-section compared with a vaginal birth.  A c-section is generally a very safe procedure, but like any type of surgery it carries a certain amount of risk.   The doctor will discuss this with you and make sure that any concerns that you may have are addressed.  It’s important for patients to remember that the doctor’s goal is always a healthy mum and a healthy baby.

Many mothers who have delivered via a c-section have been under criticism for being “too posh to push” or “not experiencing a real birth”.  Well let us tell you, c-sections are beautiful births that require immense strength and bravery.  It is major surgery that is performed whilst fully awake.  If that doesn’t make a woman a total boss, we don’t know what does!  Be proud and treasure the incredible experience!